Why UX?

✨ It allows me to be both creative and analytical, channeling both mindsets to design products that are meaningful, relevant, and highly considerate of the user.

How I work

  • I enjoy evidence-based design, problem-solving and am always questioning how things work.
  • Collaboration is my key strength. Being open-minded to listen to different opinions, I believe there isn’t a definitive "correct" or "incorrect" approach to most tasks.
  • My curiosity and empathy for people motivate me to understand better and build delightful products.
  • I enjoy continuous learning: through reading books, articles, attending courses and working with different people. Growth and progression is very important to me.

What sets me apart?

6+ years in e-com — With experience in various e-commerce sectors and product areas. Also in different job roles, with more creative goals in product development and more commercial, revenue-driven goals in buying and sales. I believe I have a well-rounded approach and understanding, am always willing to listen, learn and collaborate with different stakeholders.
Attention to detail — I always try to do my best work on all projects, implementing my learnings from previous. With personal goals to master my skillset and expertise within my craft. I’m always thriving for brilliance whilst aligning my work with the company’s values and goals.
Honesty & Clarity — I value honesty and clarity within communication and the working environment. I believe it is the best approach to have when tackling issues in a professional manner. Problems are solved more efficiently, learnings can be implemented and progress to be made for all parties.

Design values

Accessible — My aspiration is to craft products that offer effortless usability for all individuals. Product inclusivity that caters to the entirety of users, rather than just a fortunate majority.
Ethical — I am opposed to employing dark patterns or deceiving users into unnecessary spending/usage through design manipulation. Instead, my aim is to develop interfaces that function seamlessly and effectively convey the business's values, enabling users to make informed decisions that align with their needs.
Usable — I value research and data-driven insights to inform design decisions. I advocate for testing products with real users and prioritise problem-solving over a feature-centric approach. While acknowledging a business's need for profitability, I emphasise the significance of enhancing the customer experience as well.

More about me

  • 📍 Born and raised in Bangkok🇹🇭
  • 🌎 Speaks English, Thai
  • I like to go to galleries👩🏻‍🎨🖼️, exercise🧘🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️, try new foods🍽️